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Improving your sales management skills will dramatically improve your sales team’s performance, it is one of the most important roles that require constant refreshing and training to help to get the best out of your salespeople. Managing your own workload alongside guiding a team is tricky business, and without a clear process and strategy you are setting yourself up to fail.

One key to successfully managing a sales team is to understand what and how your top performers do and help to replicate that across every member of the team.

Developing the sales process for each of your customer segments will also help you improve sales, add positive sales coaching to deliver the consistency to achieve sales improvements. We will also cover the best practice for sales recruitment and inductions, sometimes poor recruitment could be avoided, getting it right will increase your sales revenue.


  • Understand your team players and how they like to be managed using DISC behaviour profiling
  • Develop a clear management process and strategy
  • Develop a structure for team members to set objectives and hit them in a timely fashion
  • Coach the Coach using the scaling system and SMART objectives


  • How to get commitment from your team
  • Techniques for growing the ranks and managing ex-peers
  • Motivation techniques to encourage your team to hit targets
  • Ways to incentivise your team to increase productivity

Upcoming training days:

  • 3rd March
  • 13th April
  • 9th June

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