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Increase your
sales success

We will identify areas of improvement within your sales team and form a training plan.

Improve your
sales process

With training and mentoring packages designed to make your process repeatable and scalable.

Improve your profitablity

Manage the sales process effectively to improve your profits, sales people do what you inspect not expect!

What would your answers be to the below questions?

JV Consultancy group

  • Do you have a sales process which has been designed from the buyers view? Are you sure it is being implemented?
  • Do you have the correct incentives aligned to the business?
  • Do you have a model of your top performer? Is this replicated across all salespeople?

If your answers are no or you are unsure, you may not be getting the best results for your company.

JV Consultancy Group delivers significant value by developing and managing senior strategic relationships and improving sales processes. We guarantee success by designing change plans to achieve company objectives that increase market share or launch in new markets and/or defend against new competitors.

We conduct a sales health check to review your business plan and goals and translate them so they work for your business and your sales team. Using this information we are able to develop your strategic sales vision and a detailed plan to deliver the changes we agree on through sales training followed by 3 months of sales coaching.

The difference with JV Consultancy Group is that we will not only suggest what it is that you can change about your process but we will also help you to make those changes and implement the practices to improve your profitability.

“We were introduced to Jonathan, we just wanted to sell more but could never increase our sales. In a short period of time, we changed a few things with a few of the people, we also looked at how we managed our existing clients. The changes recommended and manged by Jonathan, quite frankly changed our business for the future.”

Paul Baker MD The Lines Group – design and creative agency

“Jonathan is an absolute pleasure to work with. Here at the Growth Hub Gloucestershire Jonathan runs workshops and 1-2-1 on Sales Improvement. He delivers his workshops in an extremely professional manner, and no question from our attendees goes unanswered. With an extensive background in helping multiple sectors and areas of selling, he is a one stop shop for Sales advice and training.”

Kirsten MacDonald - The Growth Hub

“On a number of occasions, we needed to call Jonathan in to assist with some of our clients in the Middle East and Europe, they needed to overall their sales strategy to react to a dramatic change in market conditions. We and the client, were very impressed with Jonathan’s capability to grasp major issues, understand the company’s capability and appetite for change. In each situation, a perfect plan was quickly created and then, with his change management skills, it was successful implemented”.

Peter Cook Director of Telcom – International Strategy Consultants

” The business had been going for 20 years and we were doing ok, but we wondered what we could do to increase sales (we had the capacity). It wasn’t long after we engaged Jonathan, he developed a plan based on our value proposition, it meant we focused more on our heritage, expertise, reliability and service. Sounds simple, but we just missed the key elements and how to communicate them in the sales process. Personally, I would have no problem in recommending JV Consultancy Group to help grow your profits.”

Murray Thomson Owner and Director of Apple Litho Printing

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