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Guaranteed sales increase through our 90-day coaching and sales programme

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”Good sales training will improve your sales performance, support the training with an excellent and experienced sales coach and your sales will grow even more. We ensure your training works for you by agreeing on the outcomes before you start and reviewing them three months after the course and coaching. 40 years of experience in ensuring the right sales training for each person is delivered.”

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essential Sales Training


The engaging and interactive session will give your staff the key and fundamental skills and knowledge to improve their sales performance. It will help to improve their behaviour and style required to sell to your target customers, with additional coaching after the course the results will far outweigh the cost of the service.

The people attending will learn:

  • The basic principles of sales
  • Why people buy
  • Your 1-minute introduction
  • How to qualify and reach decision-makers
  • How to develop the sales process for your business
  • How to use powerful questioning techniques to reach the client’s needs
  • How to identify what you sell and how to position it to your customers
  • Win more business by understanding how to handle the objection
  • Networking strategy (optional module)

Are you looking to improve your sales with larger/enterprise customers with more advanced sales skills and techniques?

You will have to either attend the essential sales training course or have a good knowledge of the sales process and are looking to take your knowledge and skills to the next level.

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