JV Consultancy are focused on helping companies grow by improving their Sales performance. If you compare sales to running a factory, in your factory you would know exactly what raw material you need (prospects), you would research and buy specific machines, train the people to use them (sales tools and techniques). At the end of the production line, the finished goods will come off the line all, they will be identical and at a rate per hour (sales figures). We would suggest that if the factory had product coming off the line that was not up to standard, you would stop the line and find out which machine was not working properly and fix it.

We understand the sales process from prospects to sales and can help you to improve your sales factory output and results.

Our solution delivers significant value through developing and managing senior strategic relationship, as well as improving sales management and sales process, success has been achieved through designing change plans to achieve company objectives to increase market share or launch in new markets and/or defend against new competitors.

The key strengths are in developing and managing B2B sales for direct and in-direct channels delivering success through strong sales leadership with a proactive approach to leading by example, coaching and defining the important KPI’s.

The way we achieve success, is by reviewing your business plan and goals, then translate them to your specific business to develop your strategic sales vision and the plan to deliver the changes we agree that will work for your company.

Success has also been achieved in breaking new ground, developing sales team’s skills, working practices and culture, to deliver improved sales results.

The major difference about us, is that we will not only suggest what you can change but we will also help you make the changes to improve your profitability.


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